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by AA.VV.



History Notes
Innanzitutto bisogna fare una premessa dicendo che Repetition*Bowie esiste da prima di questa compilation, è un progetto di Gianluca Maria Sorace, cantante di Hollowblue, supportato dal Fan Club ufficiale di Bowie in Italia.
Repetition Bowie era inizialmente un sito, che dava risalto alle migliori cover di David Bowie che venivano inviate dai vari fan. Midfinger, a settembre del 2006, ha avuto l'idea di pubblicare una compilation per i 60 anni di David Bowie e com'è logico che sia, essendo Gianluca anche parte dello staff di Midfinger, il primo passo è stato verso una direzione comune unendo così due progetti ambiziosi. Il risultato è davvero di alto livello, anche se in tempi strettissimi la partecipazione dei18 artisti, che ruotano attorno a Midfinger in Italia ed in Inghilterra, è stata entusiastica. Alcuni di loro hanno registrato con Gigi Piscitelli e Giorgio Pona nei Midfinger Studios a Londra, altri nella loro cucina, altri in studio in Svezia.
Ogni band ha dato un importantissimo apporto a questo tributo che siamo molto contenti di aver prodotto. L'8 gennaio 2007 David Bowie compirà 60 anni e no, lo stesso giorno, lo festeggeremo con l'uscita della compilation nei negozi e con due eventi che si svolgeranno contemporaneamente a Roma e a Milano, dove verrà regalata la compilation ai primi 500 ospiti di ogni party!!!
Se vuoi essere sicuro di avere la tua copia della compilation all'ingresso mandaci una mail a repetitionbowie@midfinger.net

TIME takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth. It's not easy to believe that David Bowie, probably the only living immortal, has seen six decades on this earth, which would be a mighty sight more drab and uninspiring without him. It's not easy to believe he's recorded Five Years and Golden Years and Never Get Old and all the eternally young others. To many of us he is a hero, a dude, a poet, a prophet, a shifting ball of contradictions, a great singer, a great mover and strider. An icon who always eschewed the obvious, darting down the more challenging path. Chameleon, comedian , Corinthian and caricature - and that's just the "C"s. As Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, the Thin White Duke, he initiated psychic jailbreaks, messed with minds, started fires. Always starting fires, even when ashes were indisputably ashes. Glam rock, plastic soul, art attacks. Jumping the silent cars, looking for a plane or two, a new dimension or three. Still he lingers; we don't forget.

"Some flamboyant front was very useful to me," he told me once. "I was having a blast at first." Did people once call him "Ziggy" face-to-face? "Sure. Well, not the band - to them I was, y'know, "Dave". But everybody else did, yes.
Everybody." He added, "I would immerse myself. Transform into the thing I admired. Become it. Then move onto something else."

Whatever the genre, whatever the stakes, he's jumped in the river, holding hands. On numerous important occasions, he was the river.

"I always found myself quite sweet, and easy to work with," he said, smoking, angular, talking, laughing, looking a lot like David Bowie. England was the muse, then America, then Germany, then the global village idiots and virtual seers. He said anything goes, before everything had gone. He took it all too far, but is now the only survivor.

We believe O Lord, we believe all the way.

Turn, and face the strange.




released January 8, 2007

All songs composed by David Bowie except track 1, 5, 8 by Bowie/Eno
Compiled by Samuele Franzini
Design by Gianluca Maria Sorace
Production by Midfinger Ltd
Mastered by Alberto Cutolo at Massive Arts Studios, Milan


all rights reserved



Midfinger Records Milan

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